Our Unplanned, Unexpected Vacation

Florida Palms

So, remember the post two weeks ago when I reconciled myself to remaining local for my little one’s winter vacation? After spending hours surfing the web I’d decided we weren’t going anywhere?

Well, there was a greater plan in store for me.

Have you ever had an “If I only had a million dollars” moment? Well, within not more than a day of having said that I’d stay home rather than travelling for vacation, I suddenly – and I mean our of the big blue sky – found myself having come into a sum of money I hadn’t owned hours before. And that washashgacha pratis if I’ve ever seen it. I hadn’t expected it and could only sit stunned thinking Baruch HaShem! Annnnd now what am I supposed to do with this money? Why was I given it?

Well, it took not too long for a family member to convince me that now was the time to turn around and book that vacation I’d been yearning for. And so three days and a whole lot of rushed planning later, we found ourselves in sunny, warm Florida. I was still living as my frugal self, having brought food from home in our luggage – jug of frozen milk and loaf of bread anyone? I kid you not! I made sure that we’d have healthy food, save money, and not waste time on vacation searching for grocery stores. (Which worked out extremely well, because truth be told I didn’t see a fresh veggie in any store throughout our trip!)

We had a great time, while spending every moment feeling eternally grateful for the opportunity. We bonded, relaxed, experienced, and just had a great time. Baruch HaShem!

Have you got any similar hashgacha pratis stories you’d like to share? Please comment in the space below. I’d love to hear from you!


Why I’m Not Booking a Vacation – Again


I love travelling. The sights, the experience and the education all entrance me. However, I don’t go away more often than once every few years.

I’ve been known to spend hours on deal sites, travel sites, flight comparisons and train fare sites, without ever actually booking. I yearn to visit the locations in the photos. I research a city’s history, its excursions and its entertainment venues. And then I close the browser windows.


Well, today was one of those days. With midwinter vacation coming up, I found myself battling the travel itch. It’s bitter cold, and my wanderlust has kicked in. I need to visit the great outdoors! Well, with my little guy in tow and getting older, I knew there was a chance. And then I clicked that little “x.”

To me vacation is about getting in touch with yourself and your surroundings. Where we live in such a temporary society, with seconds whizzing by, I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on going to theme parks. A week in paradise sounds wonderful, but then, so does the prospect of growing as a person, as a mother, as a woman.

Living in America, there are so many tens of locations I would love to see. I love learning about and experiencing history, and these are the experiences I seek in a vacation. Until now I have savoured these moments in the Eretz haKodesh. There aren’t many local options in midwinter because unfortunately this is the time when travel is most difficult in cold climates.

Our vacation will be spent at home. Exploring and experiencing our city’s own history. We will enjoy one another’s company, and create lasting memories together. After all, isn’t that was history is made of?

My kind of vacation.

Make some memories today.