New Beginnings – Welcome :)

1387933_19906830Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

Pull up a comfy seat, a cup of coffee, and join me in my journey – the same journey we are all living. We all have days when we can use a friend out there, and that’s exactly what this blog is meant to provide; a point of connectivity for Jewish Imas, Moms and Mummies the world over.

As Jewish women we know the elation of sharing in joyous occasions, the sorrow of sharing in heartbreak, and the blessings to be found amidst the everyday chaos or cherished moments of calm. As Jewish mothers we know the balancing act it takes to keep it all in order.

Throughout my life, as we all have, I’ve seen times of abundant simcha, as well as days of struggle and strife. Throughout it all I’ve learnt to appreciate the small things, and the process of living and learning throughout it all.

Join me as we work together collectively in our avoda. I promise you, with continuous and collective work towards sincere bitachon and a balanced life, the brachos that await us are unyielding.

Let’s do this together.


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